Self-descriptions and some facts about me.

I am a NYC-based post-graduate student, stumbling upon the world of companionship and in love with it. I also love everything technical in nature. Music production is my long time favorite hobby. Have you seen a behemoth, wired-up analogue synthesizer before? It numbs my fingertips every time I watch a performance of it.

I am fairly good at running and other activities that require a high degree of flexibility. I like to start my day with a cup of lemon ginger tea and skip reading through three news outlets. I am an insatiable learner of all disciplines and equipped with engaging in conversations of all kinds. But when I am asked of my opinions of the matter centered in our conversation, I am more likely to outline my thinking process complemented with ideas borrowed from others, and ending with an observation rather than a conclusion.

I am all natural. My comfortable jean size is 26. Other stats are 34 B, 5' 7'', 120 lbs, natural hazelnut hair that tends to explode on a rainy day, brown eyes, and was born around 12 pm on some day in 1994. 

Among my embodied personality, being down-to-earth, sensual, and intuitive are always the predominant traits.

I thought about and did research on owning and running a strip club and a music venue for my life after school and the companionship. Now I am thinking that the specific initiative I take on matters less than having the institutional power.

I hope I piqued your interests a bit. Here are some fire and freshness stored stills and motions to know me more.